Teach you how to judge your sexual ability

Teach you how to judge your sexual ability

In dealing with their sexual functions, some people often make such mistakes. Once he finds that his sexual ability has changed from the previous quality, he is worried: Is my sexual function diminished?

Once this question arises, they will be suspicious all day long. If they find it, they will immediately turn the question into a result, or secretly go to the rivers and lakes quack doctors, or buy aphrodisiac medicine to make up for it, so it is so tossing, but no effect.

At this time, I wanted to go to the doctor for examination. The result was nothing wrong with me. I was completely nervous.


hzh {display: none; }  还有些人与之相反,他们并不是不关心自己的性能力,而是由于怕羞心理作怪,不到万不得已之时绝不肯去找医生。When they were looking for a doctor, the situation has developed to a very serious level, and it is naturally difficult to treat.

  After the two people have suffered in person, they all hope to get specific guidance in this regard, and the brakes correctly identify their sexual function status.

Below we provide several self-test criteria for the exclusion of psychological sexual dysfunction, which can be used as a reference for men.

  First, pay attention to the erection of your sexual organs.

Young and strong, whenever the interest in sex, the penis quickly erect.

Middle-aged people may need to be placed before an erection, but once they have an erection, they can have a satisfactory sexual intercourse.

In the above cases, sexual function is normal.

  If you find that your genitals are sometimes erect, sometimes you can’t get an erection, or if you are not violent, but you can’t persist in continuous, and you don’t get ejaculated when you get weak, it means your sexual function has declined, but the problem is not big.You can strengthen your mental health by strengthening your exercise, proper food supplement or correct medicine.

If you find yourself in a long cut, you have never had an erection. This shows that the problem is more serious. You should go to the doctor for an examination and then take appropriate countermeasures.

  First, you should also pay attention to the way your libido is produced.

For those who have more libido, every sexual life is promoted by him.

Of course, the other party’s initiative is not ruled out, but he is able to respond positively.

If you fall into this situation, you don’t have to worry about your sexual function.

Some people are suddenly and very negative in their sexual life. Unless the other party actively induces them, they will never be interested in sex unilaterally.

  If you are in this situation, it means that your sexual ability has a problem, but with the psychiatrist and the male doctor, the appropriate method can be solved.

There are still some people who do not care about how the other party induces, and there is no such feeling of heart and soul. If there is no psychological disorder, the problem is very serious. You must consult a doctor.

  In addition, you can also determine whether your sexual physiology and psychology are normal by paying attention to your level of interest in sex.

Males with normal physiology and normal psychology, no matter how old, if you see a young and beautiful woman, you will have imagination. When you see your wife’s bare skin, you can’t help but want to touch.

And some people who have never met a relationship with their own close to how much love, can only be happy in the conversation, never produce sexual imagination, thus indicating that their sexual feelings begin to become dull, need to find a wayTo improve your sexual excitement.