White-collar health, eat more fish and make up the brain

White-collar health, eat more fish and make up the brain

When white-collar workers are busy with their work, they often feel that they are “not enough to use their brains.” So what can white-collar workers eat to better brain?

The answer is: fish.

Just as children can eat more fish, they can be said to be one of the best brain foods. Today, they introduce a delicious fish dish for white-collar workers: Pan-fried Longfish.

Pan fried Longli fish ingredients: 300 grams of Longli fish, 1 bell pepper, 1 red pepper, ginger, salt, cooking wine, black pepper, cooking oil, the right amount of practice: 1, the frozen jellyfish bought after the thawingThe paper absorbs the water and cuts it into small pieces and then adds a small amount of cooking wine. The salt and black pepper are carefully marinated for about half an hour. 2. After washing the green pepper, the seeds are cut into pieces, and the ginger is cut into pieces for later use.Add a small amount of cooking oil, add the ginger to the musk, turn the marinated fish into the pan and sauté the fish. After frying it, turn it to the other side and fry it. 4, fry the fish on both sides untilAfter the golden pot, turn the pot into the green and red pepper pieces and stir fry quickly, add a little salt to taste, re-pour the fish and stir fry until the flavor is blended. Add a little sugar to freshen and serve it after it is served.

First, the fish contains high-quality fatty acids and protein. Fish products such as fish and shellfish have always been considered to be nourishing products. They are classified as white meat, called beef, pork and pork, and duck.Red and white meat such as meat, fish contains more high-quality protein, and contains high-quality fatty acids that are beneficial to the human cardiovascular.

Most of the protein in fish is a complete protein, and its amino acid ratio is suitable for humans, especially for human digestion and absorption; the fatty acids contained in fish are mostly polyunsaturated fatty acids, of which n-3 series of linolenic acid is more.It can protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and prevent atherosclerosis.

For office workers, the omega-3 fatty acids in the Longli fish can inhibit free radicals in the eyes, prevent the formation of new blood vessels, and reduce the occurrence of crystal damage. This is why it is also called “eye-protecting fish”.

Therefore, it is also particularly suitable for office workers who face computers all day long as health care products.

For white-collar workers who are sitting in front of the computer for a long time, it is more suitable for you!

Second, eat fish, do not eat raw fish, be wary of parasites with the increase of marine environmental pollution, food hygiene around us is more and more worrying, in addition to food poisoning caused by bacteria and viruses, the parasitic fish contained in raw fishBugs are also a major cause of harm to human health.

As raw food gradually becomes fashionable, many people like to eat sashimi or raw fish sushi, so that they can enjoy the most delicious taste of fish, and also cause hidden dangers to their own health, because they eat with sashimi and so on.No matter whether it is garlic, vinegar or mustard, it can’t really kill the parasite.

Therefore, sashimi is best not to eat or eat less, eat fish and try to cook the fish and then eat, in order to avoid the hazard to the greatest extent.