5 major diseases caused by spring care

5 major diseases caused by spring care

Many people love to stay in bed when it is cold in winter, but in the spring, the weather has warmed up and many people still love to sleep late.

I love to sleep late in the spring, beware of the following five major diseases!

  1, leading to physical weakness.

  When people are active, their heart beats faster, their myocardial contractility increases, and their blood discharge increases. When people rest, their heartbeat, contractility, and blood output decrease.

If you sleep for a long time, it will destroy the law of rest and exercise of the heart. The heart will rest and rest, eventually causing the heart to contract and fatigue. After a little activity, it will be flustered, and then lie down to form a vicious circle, leading to physical weakness.

  2, susceptible to respiratory diseases.

  In the morning, the air in the bedroom is the most polluted. Even if the window is partially covered, the air is not circulated. The unclean air contains a lot of bacteria, viruses, carbon dioxide and dust, which have an impact on the respiratory resistance. Those who are sleepy are often cold., cough, sore throat.

  3, limb fatigue and weakness.

  Getting up after normal rest can increase muscle tone, or increase blood supply to the muscles, while eliminating metabolites that accumulate in the muscles at night.

People who sleep late, because muscle tissue missed the opportunity of activity, often feel soft legs after getting up, lumbosacral discomfort, weakness.

  4, prevent nervous system function.

  People who sleep late have a long-term state of excitement in their sleep center, while other nerve centers have been suppressed for too long, and the function of restoring activity becomes relatively slow, which makes them feel listless.

  5, affecting the digestive function.

  Those who are bedridden can’t eat on time, perfusion has long-term peristalsis, disrupting the secretion of gastric juice and affecting digestive function.