Easy 12

strokes to keep heart disease away from you

Easy 12 strokes to keep heart disease away from you

Studies have shown that anxiety and high blood pressure, improper diet, lack of exercise, etc. are the main causes of high blood pressure.

However, if you follow the 12 methods below in your daily life, it will help to eliminate anxiety and protect your heart.


 Relaxing, eliminating distracting yoga, meditation and Tai Chi exercise can reduce stress hormones and improve your body’s immunity.

Studies have found that regular yoga can reduce fatigue in certain parts of the body.

As with other chronic symptoms, asthma is a major cause of cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, taking a little time each day to relax your physiology and eliminate distracting thoughts will be good for your heart health.


 Keeping in touch with friends Long-term solitude is not good for people’s physical health, which has nothing to do with whether they have high blood pressure.

Studies have shown that people who are in the recovery period of high blood pressure, especially women, are prone to heart cramps and other problems if they do not interact with people.

So go out and relax with friends, of course you must be a true friend.


 Abandoning the perfectionist presupposition, the pursuit of perfect blood type A is a high-risk group of high blood pressure.

The inner hostility and anger are a common feature of type A blood personality. Studies have shown that hostility and high blood pressure, overweight and other phenomena can be used as a yardstick for judging the presence or absence of high blood pressure.

Therefore, for the future, I still think about the benefits.

Stay optimistic to protect your heart.


 Don’t hate resentment is more likely to cause anxiety than forgiveness, and bring a higher heart rate.

Therefore, learning to forgive is enough to improve interpersonal relationships and is also good for the heart.


 A laughter study shows that laughter burns 20% more calories than a bitter face.

Absolute calories not only make people slim, but also make the heart work harder.

At the same time, laughter can also improve vascular function.

So, smile more.


 Do not drink too much alcohol, gradually increase triglycerides, and then high blood pressure and even heart failure.

However, for moderate drinking, women do not exceed 1 cup per day, and men do not exceed 2 cups, which is good for the heart.


 Controlling caffeine caffeine increases sympathetic excitability and stress hormone levels.

Stress hormones gradually provoke anger.

Therefore, daily control should be done on the amount of coffee, tea and slimming soda.


 Avoiding unnecessary emotional distress does not mean people, or that you don’t want to do anything on irrelevant things.

The study found that the chance of a heart attack in a football game lost was higher.

There have been data showing that in the 1980 American Football “Super Bowl Championship”, the “Pittsburgh Steelers” sent away the “Los Angeles Rams” at 31:19, and the death rate and overall mortality rate in Los Angeles County (especiallyIt is the elderly) which rises sharply.

In 1984, after the “Los Angeles Rams” beat “Washington Red Skin” by 38:9, the county’s death actually fell.


 Eat a balanced diet with less red meat and processed foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, poultry, fish and whole-grain foods, which can both control weight and heart health.
A balanced diet that includes complex carbohydrates stabilizes blood sugar and stabilizes mood.

 Depressive treatment of depression in time will increase the risk of heart disease and will reduce life expectancy.

Therefore, you must seek medical advice in a timely manner.

Meditation, psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy all have a certain effect.


 Staying asleep should stay 6-8 hours a day, and the quality of sleep is also critical.

For example, sleep apnea can become the culprit of cardiovascular disease.

People with sleep apnea wake up at night and cannot complete a normal sleep cycle.

Only by achieving a normal sleep cycle can we naturally reduce hormone levels and blood pressure, which can cause high blood pressure and high blood pressure.

 Aerobic exercise such as running, walking, swimming, and even dancing can reduce the risk of diabetes, strengthen the heart, and treat depression.

They can promote heart beating and blood circulation throughout the body.

Experts recommend that aerobics should be performed several times a day or several times a week.