Don’t pat after repeated quilts!

Don’t pat after repeated quilts!

After drying the quilt, carefully beat repeatedly to remove the dust and make the quilt fluffy?

Zhang Yan, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Textile Sciences, reminded that such an approach is not scientific.

To dry the quilt, just brush the surface with a soft brush and remove the dust.

  Zhang Yan said: the quilt fiber is short and brittle, and the cotton fiber is broken into dust to run out of the cotton layer; the synthetic quilt synthetic fiber is thin and long, easy to deform, once beaten, the fiber is no longer tightened.Recover, become a piece of knot; after the down is beaten, the down will break into a small “feather dust”, affecting the warmth effect.

After the quilt is beaten, the dust on the surface and the excrement of the excess insects will fly and easily cause an allergic reaction.

  The time to dry the quilt is preferably from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, and it cannot be dried for too long.

  When the quilt is exposed to sunlight for 3 hours, the cotton fiber will reach a certain degree of expansion. If it continues to dry, the cotton fiber will change and it will be easy to replace. If it is a synthetic cotton quilt, just take a little sun and remove the moisture in the inner layer.The high temperature feathers and the oil in the wool change, resulting in rancid smell, no need to repeat drying, not exposed to the sun, drying in the ventilated place for 1 hour.

  Zhang Yan reminded that the quilt with chemical fiber fabric as the quilt should not be exposed to sunlight. In case the temperature is too high, the chemical fiber is baked. When it is exposed to the sun, it can be covered with a thin cloth for protection.