Autumn scraping, detoxification, good body

Autumn scraping, detoxification, good body

Introduction: The emergence of obesity may be a problem of spleen and stomach transport function, causing local overgrowth of nutrients in local aggregation, or it may be a problem of water and moisture metabolism leading to systemic obesity.

The scraping and detoxification is mainly to open the spleen through the stomach and stomach, so that the spleen and stomach transport function returns to normal, and excess nutrients and water wetness will be metabolized.

In addition, there must be some control in the diet, some eat more fruits, vegetables, eat less high-energy foods, and appropriately increase exercise.

  Use props: scraping scraping is mainly a wide-ranging sliding action, so be sure to choose a smooth and small props. If there is no special scraping board, the porcelain spoon can also be used to avoid damage to the surface friction.

  Scraping Detox Time: On Drought: When you scrape in the morning, sag from the top to the bottom and scrape down to the foot. Repeat 3?
5 minutes, can be scraped once every 2 hours: when scraping, from the foot often scrape to reduce the scraping, repeat 3?
5 minutes, can be scraped once every 2 hours, local slimming, scraping detoxification glucose tricks the side of the thigh, gallbladder help cellulite: 1, one, hands naturally drooping, the middle finger down to the line to reduce, is the location of the gallbladder.

2, after the lotion, if it is daytime, use the scraping board to scrape from the thigh root part to the integral seven edge, repeat for about 3-5 minutes, can be done again every 2 hours, if in the evening, operate in the opposite direction.

  Tip: If you use a scraping comb, you can shake the circle slightly when you slide, which will help to achieve a deeper stimulation effect. The slower the sliding speed, the better the thigh neck scraping, the liver and gallbladder kidney stimuli: 1 each hand holding a scraping comb,Cross the oblique thigh from the side of the thigh.

2: It is often scraped to the root of the thigh, repeated for 3-5 minutes, or scraped separately, and can be scraped 1-2 times after 2 hours.

  Skull sleeves, scraping up and down: 1, scraping from the elbow to the arm socket, and then scraping from the arm socket to the elbow, there is no limit.

2, repeat 3-5 minutes, rest 2 hours can be repeated.

  Tip: Therefore, the straight skin is soft, so it is easy to achieve the effect with a little touch. But pay attention to this straight skin is also easy to be injured due to excessive friction, so pay attention to light and soft rubbing or oil lubrication.

  Inside and outside scraping, thin waist flesh: 1, hands on the hips, the same height as the navel, about the position of the thumb when the hips.

2, scrape the plate or scrape the comb from the position of the thumb to the waist side, scrape the left side for 3-5 minutes and then scrape for 3-5 minutes on the right side, rest for 2 hours to repeat.

  Intimate Tips: 1, the force of the scraping must be gentle and slow average, and must be coated with oily lotion or cream before the scraping, massage oil, etc., can also be used with body sculpting cream, can avoid excessive skin friction and injury.

2, scraping helps the skin excretion of heat, but it will also cause lactic acid, creatine accumulation, if the skin is not metabolized, the most serious may cause rhabdomyolysis.

Therefore, it is best to take a deep breath when scraping. After scraping, it is best to drink 500ml slowly for about 30?
45 degrees of salted saline, the effect is better.

Xiaobian’s message: The temperature in autumn will be lower and lower, and the low temperature will make many people dispel the idea of outdoor sports. At this time, it is suitable to detoxify by scraping, and you can stay in a warm home and lose weight while listening to music or watching TV.