[Can you eat apples for menstruation]_Apple_Menstrual_Can you eat

[Can you eat apples for menstruation]_Apple_Menstrual_Can you eat

The menstrual period is a special period. At this time, you can’t eat unreasonably, because it may cause dysmenorrhea, especially some cold things try to eat less.

During menstruation, you must always be careful not to eat some watermelon or peaches, but you can eat apples properly. Apples are neutral fruits and will not cause coldness.

Apple is a very nutritious fruit. There are many benefits to eating apples. There are many benefits and functions of apples. Some female friends love apples. Can women eat apples during menstruation?

Can you eat apples during menstruation?

This is what many female friends want to know. Menstrual period is a special physiological period for women. Pay special attention to diet. Apple is a good fruit, but can you eat apples during menstruation?

Let’s consult a gynecologist from 99 Health Net.

Notes on diet during menstruation: 1. The diet for the week before menstrual cramps should be light, digestible and nutritious.

You can eat legumes, fish and other high-protein foods, and increase leafy vegetables and fruits. Drink plenty of water to keep your stools smooth and reduce pelvic congestion.

2. Some blood will be lost during menstruation.

Therefore, you need to supplement foods containing protein and iron, potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium in late menstruation, such as meat, animal liver, eggs, and milk.

3. At the beginning of menstrual cramps, women often feel back pain and do not think about diet. At this time, they do not prevent eating more appetizing and digestible foods such as jujube, noodles, and rice porridge.

4. Eat nutrient-rich and easily digestible foods during menstruation to facilitate nutrient replenishment. Drink more water and eat more vegetables to keep your stools open, which can also reduce pelvic congestion.