After bathing in the spring, use shower gel to eat away your skin.

After bathing in the spring, use shower gel to eat away your skin.

The weather turned cold and the hot springs “fire” up. Experts reminded that when washing the body after soaking in hot springs, it is best not to use the bath to clean it. Because, after soaking in the hot spring, the water in the skin will use the body’s perspiration to lose moisture.Relatively reduced, and then washed with alkaline substances such as bath or soap, it is very easy to cause loss of oil on the skin, causing dryness and itchiness of the skin. At the same time, it will also lose the minerals and nutrients that the skin has just absorbed, and some will not be worth the candle.

  Others believe that in order to help the skin fully absorb nutrients, simply do not rinse, and save more trouble.

It is necessary to wash according to the nature of the hot springs. If the hot spring with high sulfur or salt is soaked, it will not be washed clean. After the water evaporates, the concentration of sulfur or salt remaining on the skin may be high, and the skin irritation is compared.Great.

  It should be noted that because the temperature of the hot springs is higher than the human body temperature.

Do not enter the hot springs at the beginning of the hot springs, otherwise it will cause a rapid rise in blood pressure, causing a burden on the heart.

Manually test the temperature before entering the pool, relax the whole body, and slowly enter the water from the foot.

After slowly adapting to the water temperature, use your hands to let the body adjust to the water temperature, and then slowly enter the hot spring.

  When soaking in a high temperature pool, first soak for 3 minutes, rest for 3 minutes, then enter the pool for 5 minutes, and repeatedly into the pool 3?
6 times, no more than 15 minutes in a single time.

  In the hot pool of hot springs, remember to protect the delicate skin of your face. You can apply a mask to the hot springs or apply a cold towel to your body.

  Huaqing Pool: It is a sulfur spring. It can relieve itching, detoxify and detoxify, soften the cuticle of the skin. It is a good place to treat chronic skin diseases, but people with poor health or old age should go less.

  Xingcheng Hot Spring: It is a salt water spring. After soaking, the salt will stick to the skin, and the feet will be cold, anemia, bronchitis and so on.

But people with tuberculosis and high blood pressure are not suitable.

  Lushan Hot Spring: It is a sodium bicarbonate spring, which can moisturize the skin, soften the cuticle of the skin, and people who fall after burns or burns. This hot spring can reduce inflammation and scars.