More effective breast enhancement snacks than hormonal drugs

More effective breast enhancement snacks than hormonal drugs

Breast enhancement is healthy and natural.

Now some MM blindly want to eat some hormone drugs in order to see the effect of breast enhancement for a short time, destroying the balance of the body and not replacing the full skull.

Try the daily natural breast food.

Since ancient times, the breast-scented wine has been brewed, and the ancients have eaten it thousands of years ago. The crystallization of traditional wisdom is trustworthy.

  Brewed eggs: wine is added to the boiled egg, add a little sugar, eat a bowl before and after menstruation, called beauty and breast enhancement.

Mainly liqueur brewing contains saccharifying enzymes, which are natural hormones, and fully-nutritive eggs are also sources of transformation.

  Papaya milk: papaya, milk is good for skin development, papaya and milk, breast enhancement effect is more.

In addition, green papaya, sweet potato leaves and various lettuces are also good breast enhancement fruits and vegetables.

  Seeds, nut foods: soy beans containing lecithin, peanuts, etc., protein-rich almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, are good breast foods.

In addition, corn is recognized by nutrition experts as the best breast food.

  Vitamin A foods: such as broccoli, kale, sunflower oil, etc., help hormone secretion and help breast development.