Forgotten Acacia

Forgotten Acacia

The beautiful Yi village is located in Yintan, northwest of Congjiang County, 16 kilometers away from Congjiang County, 640 meters above sea level, with a total population of 1,214 people. It is a magical and poetic Yi village.

  It has a strong national culture and well-preserved ecological resources. The forest coverage rate is 85%. There are more than 100 yews of rare and endangered plants in the surrounding area, and the scenery is pleasant.

In the festival, young men and women often swing under the yew trees and sing and sing.

  There is also primitive quaintness, unique ethnic customs and rich red bean acacia culture, and ethnic festivals are also numerous, mainly in the following year, June and other festivals.

The ancient story about the origin of Yintan, there is such a legend.

It is said that a long time ago, a rich family and a farmer in the same village fell in love with her family and was strongly opposed by her family. Under her ignorance, her family set a “guest cousin” for her.

For the shackles of a few feudal marriages, the beautiful and witty wealthy family privately carried the silver in the family and the hard-working farmer youths rushed to the night. They went over the mountains together. I don’t know how much time came here to see the mountains and waters.I lived here, set up a business, and rounded up my dreams of love.

So here is called the silver altar, and later changed its name to Yintan.

  The same name in the river, Lisha and Xiaohuang is far more than the silver double bed. If you say that Lisha and Xiaohuang are famous ladies, then Yintan is the scorpion in the deep.

Since the ancient times, when the guests of the Yi people came to Yintan and walked into the Zhaimen, they could see clothes dressed in Yi people, wearing saffron, and hanging silver collars on their necks.Without accompaniment, the girls sang hand-in-hand songs at the gate of the village, and the rhythm is bright, the tune is melodious, and the multi-voice songs with complex rhythm are so calm and soothing, wonderful and harmonious, and imposing.潺潺流水, 高 涧 涧 涧 涧 涧 涧 涧 涧 涧 涧 涧 涧 涧 涧 涧 涧 涧 涧 涧 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高Tan, you can see a small stream running through the village, surrounded by ancient wood and bamboo, the small bar-shaped building is surrounded by mountains and waters, numerous stone slabs spanning the Zhongxigou, from the green forest to the village, more thanThe two Drum Towers complement each other and stand in the middle of the village, bringing a feeling of “returning to nature and returning to nature”.

Every major festive festival, there will be a large number of Yi villagers dressed in festive costumes. After watching the bullfight performance, everyone will sing and dance in front of the drum tower.

The young men and women of Yi nationality have relatively free love activities before marriage. It is worth mentioning that the young men and women of Yi nationality have relatively free love activities before marriage, and they can socialize through “walking village” and “walking”, but they must also support coal.Dear, get parental consent to get married.

In a quiet and harmonious township, young men and women began to socialize when they reached a certain age.

  The so-called “going to sit on the moon” is to talk about love, usually in the slack season.

Many of the villages have a special “moon hall”, that is, the hanging foot building for young people to meet, most of them are the young man to the girl’s house to play with the girl.

As night fell, the young man in the stockade took the homemade ox-legs, cymbals and other musical instruments, stepping on the moonlight, while pulling the strings, sang the invitation song, and walked down the favorite girl.

  The sound of the piano sang the heartstrings of the girl, so they hurriedly put down their work, pushed open the window and peeked downstairs to see the person they liked, and gestured and noticed that he could enter the building.

If people who don’t like or disapprove of their invitations come to the appointment, they will rush to close the window and ignore it.

If the boy refuses to leave her sling, whistle, shout, or hit the window and slab of her house with a bamboo pole.

Although the girl with good patience does not make a sound, her family will come out to interfere. If she still does not leave, a cold water splashes from the window, which means that you are going away.

  ”The song is sitting on the moon” Aunt is not blocking.

Because they think that children and children talk about love is someone can afford, the coat is shining.

When the song is played, the young man plays the piano, the girl is still doing the work, but they are listening carefully, and the heart is thinking about what song to answer the best.

In different seasons, different songs are sung. In the question-and-answer chorus, it is easiest to grind who knows and has a lot of knowledge.

Many young people have deepened their understanding in this social event of “going to the moon” and finally became a happy and happy family.

The ethnic style is full of Yintan and there is also a simple and rich Yi marriage customs culture.

The wedding is usually on the 26th of the lunar calendar, at the beginning of the first month of the seventh month, the antiques are only available for the banquet on the wedding day, but the man must give the woman a few pounds of meat and a few pounds of salted fish.

The gift is concentrated until the third day of the first month, when the marriage is married, the man is unified to give the woman a house cigarette, wine, sugar, glutinous rice, duck, pork and live pig bridegroom on this day. The woman returns to the clothing, clothing, shoes,Insole, gun bag and other gifts.

  On the wedding day, the first thing is “blocking relatives”. The bride’s family and friends have crossed the wild vine on the walled door. The man’s family wants to enter the village to meet the family. They must sing the song with the girls of the woman’s family.

If you can’t, you will consciously set off firecrackers and drink a glass of rice wine to show your approval.

On the way to the Zhaizhai, the children of the straw trapped the road to discuss the candy and discuss it. (One is to celebrate the wedding of the newcomer and the good fortune; the second is to see if the groom is generous and decent, the more candy the bridegroom sends, the sweeter the husband and wife will be.).

Just like the children’s sugar song: (the lyrics translated Chinese translation) to ask the aunt’s cockroaches to put in a beggar to put aside the candy into the cloth pocket, as long as the aunt sent aunt and took the candy to eat us, we will marry you (female) will marry you in the future.When the bride (male) is going to help you carry the dowry to the bride’s door, the best man will help the groom to scream at the door, sing the door song, and sing the bride’s family willingly open the door.

Then the groom carries the bride back to the church, an antique wedding.