Milk is best to drink calm hypnosis and promote calcium absorption at night.

Milk is best to drink calm hypnosis and promote calcium absorption at night.

Milk is best to drink at night, because milk contains a biochemical L-tryptophan that makes people feel tired and tired, and a trace amount of morphine, which has a certain sedative and hypnotic effect, especially LTryptophan is the main raw material for serotonin synthesis in the brain. Serotonin plays a key role in brain sleep. It can temporarily inhibit brain thinking activities, making people want to sleep without any impurities, and milk sticks to the stomach wall to absorb.Yeast, calcium in milk can also eliminate tension, so it is more beneficial to the sleep of the elderly, so drinking milk at night is good for rest and sleep.

Drinking milk before going to bed is beneficial to the body’s absorption and utilization of calcium.

Calcium taken at dinner is mostly absorbed by the body before going to bed.

After sleep, especially after zero o’clock in the evening, the level of calcium in the blood will gradually decrease. The decrease of blood calcium will aggravate the hyperthyroidism. The hormone acts on the bone tissue, so that a part of the calcium salt in the bone tissue is dissolved into the blood to maintainA stable balance of blood calcium.

The fundamental dissolution is the self-regulating function of the human body. It takes a long time to become one of the causes of osteoporosis.

Drinking milk before going to bed at night, the calcium in the milk can be slowly absorbed by the blood, the blood calcium is supplemented throughout the night, maintaining balance, no need to dissolve the calcium in the bone, preventing bone loss, osteoporosis, so drink before going to bedMilk is best.