Chinese medicine prescription for treating sprained joints

Chinese medicine prescription for treating sprained joints

Terrorism joint sprains are often caused by sudden inversion of internal violence caused by interventional joints, which is a common acute sprain.

Mainly manifested as dialysis department redness, burning, swelling, pain, local tenderness, accompanied by skin spots, activity caused by characteristics.

Lighter people have the possibility of self-healing, severe cases often have swelling and pain, dysfunction, lameness, improper treatment will form long-term unhealed old injury or secondary arthritis.

Therefore, it is advisable to give treatment in time, and you should not wait for it.


hzh {display: none; }  笔者在医疗实践中选用众多活血、散瘀、消肿、止痛之药制成“消肿镇痛散”,局部外治,舒筋活络效果好,行气通脉作用Strong, swelling and pain relief, quick effect, can shorten the course of disease, rapid correction of blood circulation and phlegm, clinical examination, every good.

Early local treatment, directly caused by the affected area, can timely control the disease, rapidly improve local blood circulation, accelerate tissue metabolism, expand skin blood vessels, enhance blood circulation, effectively eliminate local redness, burning, pain, and relieve symptoms,Disappeared, restoring joint function to normal.

  The prescription of the drug is wide, the system is used as a substitute, the medicine is specialized, the price is low and the effect is short, the treatment is short, the effect is fast, safe and reliable, no pain, the patient is easy to accept, and it is an ideal quick-acting external preparation for treating joint sprain.

Now introduced as follows.

  Recipe preparation and usage: 50 grams of rhubarb, sclerotium, angelica, broken bones, 30 grams of hawthorn, frankincense, blood, peach, safflower, red peony, Xuanhu each 20 grams, Tian Qi 10Gram, the grinding is very fine, and the storage bottle is ready for use.

After partial washing and drying, take a small amount of wine or vinegar to adjust the amount of medicinal powder, apply it to the affected area, cover it with oil paper, then bandage it, fix it once a day, 3 days for 1 course, until swellingThe pain disappeared and the activity was free.

Avoid weight bearing and reduce walking during treatment.

  Efficacy: clearing heat and swelling, qi and activating blood circulation, phlegm and blood stasis, hemostasis and pain.

The light one is a course of heat, swelling, swelling, pain relief;
The pain and accompanying symptoms disappeared in 3 courses, and the joint function returned to normal.