[How old can baby eat avocado]_Children_Can I eat

[How old can baby eat avocado]_Children_Can I eat

Avocado is a common fruit in life and has high nutritional value. Many parents use avocado as a complementary food in order to supplement the baby’s nutrition, but they are worried about whether the baby can eat it. The avocado contains too much oil. It is not recommended to eat too small babiesSo as not to affect the digestion, babies around 4 months old can eat it, so avocado can be used as some complementary food?

How old a baby can eat avocado The shea butter contains too many oily ingredients. For younger babies, eating more is not good for digestion. Although the baby can add complementary foods from the beginning of four months, it is best toAdd it to your baby after six months.

When parents eat avocado for their babies, remember not to eat more, and they should quantify according to their digestion.

Recommended recipes for babies to eat avocado and egg yolk avocado rice cereal are rice cereal, avocado and poached eggs.

The preparation method is as follows: 1. Transfer the rice cereal with water.

2. Scrape the avocado with a spoon and grind the yolk of the poached egg into a mud.

3, the last kind can be matched together.

The ingredients for avocado and banana puree are: 150 ml of breast milk or milk powder, one and a half spoon of baby porridge mixed with 60 ml of milk, avocado, appropriate amount of cherry, and banana puree.

The production method is as follows: 1. Cut one fifth of the avocado with a knife, two pitted cherries, and a small banana.

2. Cut the appeal materials into small cubes and put them into a blender to make mud.

The ingredients for avocado carrot puree are one avocado and one carrot.

The production method is as follows: 1. Cut the avocado, then use a spoon to scrape the flesh of the avocado for use.

2. After the carrots are added to the pan and steamed, they are pressed into a mud and mixed with avocado puree.

The ingredients for avocado fruit salad include avocado, steamed pears, bananas, and full-fat yogurt.

The preparation method is as follows: 1. Remove the avocado pulp, peel the banana and steam the pear and cut into pieces.

2. Put the above fruits into a blender and stir into mud to take out.

3. Finally, add full-fat yogurt.

Avocado oil extracted from avocado nuts is rich in nutrients, rich in vitamin E, magnesium, linoleic acid and essential fatty acids, which helps to strengthen cell membranes and delay the senescence of epidermal cells.

Unsaturated fatty acids in avocado can also reduce pregnant women’s diabetes. Unsaturated adults play a vital role in infant brain development, infant eyes, infant nervous system and light tissues.