Travel diet skills

Travel diet skills

It is more expensive to buy a meal, a train, and a meal. The usual three dishes and one soup cost more than a hundred yuan, not only bad food but also not enough.

Most of the “roadside restaurants” along the tourist bus have poor sanitary conditions, and sometimes even “slaughter”, and shorten the time hastily.


hzh {display: none; }  因此,旅游时可根据路途长短、出游季节等情况自备餐食。For example, the season is just autumn and winter, the climate is cold, as long as you have enough cooked vegetables, pastries, fruit, or to the wholesale market to order instant noodles and other convenient meals, just bring a thermos to add hot water on the way.
  If you have a drink, you can prepare the “Erguotou” in the second and second half, and drink two at the time of eating, which can both warm the blood and warm the body, and eliminate the fatigue of the journey.

Restaurants that are famous for eating scenic spots and sightseeing spots and scenic spots are generally two-way higher than the prices elsewhere.

  Therefore, don’t be more like a big eater when you go to the attraction.

Generally choose to eat.

One is to say “affordable” to buy a box lunch at a fast food restaurant at a tourist spot. It costs only 5 yuan per person.

There are also dumplings, water noodles, etc., which are both economical and affordable.

  The second is to talk about “features.”

There are many scenic spots with different specialties and North and South snacks.

Such as the pie of Quancheng, the frozen rice candy of Jiangxi, the spicy noodles of Sichuan, the bamboo rice of Wuyi Mountain, etc., the food can save time and chew the origin of the local landscape of the mountains and rivers.

Choosing tourist attractions, restaurants, and wage earners can’t be ill-treated because of travel.

During the tour, it does not hinder the selection of several affordable, clean restaurants.

  Such as Guangzhou, Fujian’s seafood store, Beijing’s roast duck restaurant, etc. for a tasting or in a small restaurant at the right price, a family of three spent 60 yuan, fried three succulent snow egg soup “揉” on the meal,Not only can you improve the diet during the tour, but you can also adjust the mood of the dinner party to complete the whole weekend or holiday trip with full and optimistic mood.